For a recovering addict, remaining sober is a challenge. Relapses are quite common after rehab. For some, relapses are minor, but for some, it would be a challenge to recover.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 40 to 60 percent of persons suffering from addiction will relapse.

Just like any other diseases, recovery isn’t always a straight line. So it causes the question of what causes a relapse?


  • People or Areas Connected to the Addictive Behavior.
  • Challenging Emotions.
  • The Object of Your Addiction.
  • Times of Celebration.

To sum it all up, the environment is the most significant factor for relapse. What should you do? You may try to consider living in a city that promotes sober living. Here are some of the 10 best sober living cities in the US.

Disclaimer: They’re in no particular order.

  1. Yakima, WA. Gone were the days that Yakima has to struggle with politics and personal conflicts. Instead, they used it all together to form a tight-knit community for recovering addicts. They fund each other’s recovery treatment facilities to make sure that not one facility goes out of business. Talking about real brotherhood there.
  2. Delray Beach, FL. Florida, in spite of its records for most drug-related deaths, has a sanctuary for recovering addicts. At Delray Beach, recovering addicts can form lasting and valuable friendships because it’s a small town with a growing economy. Recovering addicts will experience a natural and slightly stress-free environment.
  3. Harlem, NY. Harlem has the most numbers of addiction relapse for teenagers. “Then, why on earth is it on this list,” you might ask. Well, the higher number means, the more resources for facilities. In Harlem, the schools and the community combine resources to make academies for these young kids. Pretty cool, right?
  4. Minneapolis. Or is commonly known as “The Land of 1,000 Treatment Centers.” The state of Minnesota may be filled with rehabs and is home to 11 of the country’s 35 public sober high schools.
    Minnesota can be the greatest support system a recovering addict could have since the state is familiar with the culture of recovery, and awareness about addiction is higher-than-average in the state’s urban epicenter. If you’re aiming for a straight line on recovery, this is the one for you.
  5. Atlanta, GA. With a steady commitment to making their community drug-free, Atlanta launched the first CIS community outside of Harlem. The CIS caters to parents. The Atlanta CIS focuses on research for parents, monitors substance abuse, and pushes for prevention in schools.
  6. San Diego, CA. The county of San Diego has an impressive community of halfway houses and clubs for the newly sober. They have developed Drug-Free Communities throughout the county, along with the San Diego Second Chance program that creates opportunities for sober living.
  7. Nashville, TN. This city isn’t only the highest number of support clubs and gatherings, but they’re also the lowest in alcohol consumption. The Music City holds many sober living celebrations throughout the year. They throw in regular innovative activities like social mixers, outdoor events, and dinner parties
  8. Boston, MA. Aside from being the home to MIT and Harvard, Boston boasts thousands of sober meeting places. This place may be a great way of expanding a sobriety network.
  9. Houston, TX. In this county, people who want to stay sober can go to “clubhouses.” These clubhouses offer hospitality and social opportunities of a bar scene, minus the booze (and the tab). Visiting sober people may have access to coffee. These clubhouses run 2,400 meetings a week.
  10. Los Angeles, CA. The city of Angels holds 3,100 meetings per week. They have diverse choices of sober living facilities and rehabs including the famous Promises Malibu. There’s a lot to choose from, and there’s a chance for you to rub elbows with someone famous.

So, there goes the list of the best sober living cities. Do you have a friend who just got out of rehab? Then, recommend these sober living cities for them. Do you think we missed a spot? Tell us in the comment section below.