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A destructive living environment can ruin a person’s recovery from addiction even for the most highly motivated individuals.

One may consider sober living as part of a person’s recovery process so he or she can develop healthy coping skills when returning to the ‘real world.’

So ladies, if you’re planning to consider staying in a sober living home, check out our list of the best sober living houses for women in California.

1. Epiphany Sober Living & Addiction Recovery Services

Are you staying somewhere around West Los Angeles and Beverly Hills?
Epiphany Sober Living & Addiction Recovery Services is providing a structured, upscale, and luxurious sober living homes exclusively for women. Their patient and caring staff understand your struggles with substance abuse. So, they offer their utmost support to give you a real recovery experience.You won’t just be staying at a luxurious home. Epiphany Sober Living & Addiction Recovery Services sets standards that’ll assure you of true support and recovery.

2. The Giving Tree Sober Living Homes for Women

Since April 2003, Santa Barbara’s got the best place for women who yearn to progress in their recovery towards drug addiction. The Giving Tree provides a sober living environment for women where they can learn how to thrive in sober life free from addictive substances.The Giving Tree Sober Living Homes offer operates two houses on one property. Their homes are designed for women who are seeking a close-knit, 12-step oriented environment. Even though Santa Barbara is an upscale beachfront city, they guarantee that their services are affordable. This place is a wonderful choice for those who want an affordable, no-nonsense recovery house.

3. New Directions for Women

During the 70s, New Directions for Women was founded in response to a shortage of affordable and accessible drug rehabilitation treatment services for women around Southern California.New Directions’ Intensive Sober Living Program assures you of a combined transitional sober living with continued treatment services. Women are well supported and guided during their transition to a sober lifestyle after they’ve completed a primary residential rehabilitation treatment.Their recovery program uses the Matrix Model and focuses on early recovery skills, individual therapy, prevention of relapse, engagement with their client’s family, and 12-step involvement.New Directions sober living homes offer various services that’ll cater the needs of their patients. They even have a live-in house mother. She’ll act as your guardian who’ll provide accountability and support exclusively for you while living in their sober living homes.

4. Casa Nuevo Vida – Cheviot Hills Women’s Sober Living House

Casa Nuevo Vida aims to help women continue to live a sober life. The Cheviot Hills is a substance-free, secure, and nurturing environment for women. This sober living setting also supports recovery from substance abuse, as well as spiritual and personal growth.The Cheviot Hills, which is situated between Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, encourages their female residents to have a sense of sisterhood in the community. Every resident is given a chance to provide support to those who are trying to live a sober life.The female residents of this sober house can obtain a better perspective on life that focuses on health and wellness, spiritual growth, and interpersonal relationship skills. They also offer incredible programs and amenities that’ll help their female residents go to the path of recovery.

5. Ready 2 Recover Sober Living Homes

At Ready 2 Recover, every female resident is aided by a support team that’ll help her build a happy and sober life.The Chateau House in Anaheim, California is one of Ready 2 Recover’s premiere women’s sober living homes. This sober living setting is designed to help women progress in their sobriety. They’ve rebuilt the house to fit the needs of their female residents.The Chateau House allows women to empower themselves with a positive attitude, and create a strong foundation to fight against their many distractions of their daily life. They also offer activities and programs which are highly beneficial to their female resident’s overall health and sobriety.This house is situated in a safe and beautiful environment. It’s ideal for women who aim to progress in their recovery from substance abuse whether it’s their first time or not. If you’re seeking a cozy place to maintain sobriety with other sober women, the Chateau House may be right for you.

6. Best Solutions Sober Living

If you’re seeking a way to maintain a sober life, try considering the Best Solutions Sober Living. It’s an affordable sober living for women in Orange County.At Best Solutions, hundreds of women stay sober because they’re provided with a safe and clean environment. You’re also being encouraged to live an independent lifestyle.You’re assured of convenience, comfort, and opportunity. Their sober homes offer convenience, positive growth, opportunity, and progress into sobriety. Choose your preferred sober home and get all the essential amenities for your success.Try to check these sober living homes around California. These houses offer help and support so that you can be motivated to maintain a sober life. Through these safe and supportive environments, you can develop better-coping skills in the long run and face the ‘real world’ with sobriety.