Sober Living Rehab Facilities in San Diego

The Golden State is loaded with beauty and marvelous stories. However, it’s one of the states that have an alarming concern on substance abuse. California has the highest number of drug-related deaths in 2015, according to coroners and medical examiners covering the Golden State. Anywhere from this state, individuals of any age, sexual orientations, and cultures are having a serious struggle with addiction. Indeed, even their family’s background and financial statuses don’t protect them from substance abuse.

In the 2014 record of drug-related deaths in San Diego alone, 262 deaths were caused by methamphetamine abuse. This information means that more deaths are caused by drug addiction than accidents, homicides, or health problems.

Additionally, the San Diego Association of Governments also reported in 2014 that 40 percent of men and 53 percent of women were arrested and jailed in the county. These percentages only represent those who were positive for methamphetamine.

There are several substances abused recorded in San Diego. However, the most commonly abused drugs in the County are heroin, cocaine/crack, methamphetamine, marijuana, and ecstasy. Each of these substances is profoundly addictive, and they can cause serious physical, mental, and social problems for the user and the community.

Years go by, and there has been a gradual rise of all illegal drug indicators in the San Diego area. Deaths caused by the overdose of heroin and methamphetamine have also been reported as a growing local concern. While the values are sadly rising annually, admissions for drug rehabilitation are also increasing.

Why does the county have a growing concern about drug addiction?

Most people go to Southern California mostly to enjoy the scenic beauty of the place, especially the beaches, prestigious schools, and different industries. With these reasons, one can observe the high volume of traffic coming in and out of the state.

Southern California already has a sad history of substance abuse. With San Diego being in proximity to the Mexican border, it’s not a wonder why there’s rise of drug-related problems in the County. Close monitoring of illegal drug trade is a challenge in this area with the state’s extensive transportation facilities. The environment gives a tendency of acquiring illegal drugs through smuggling and trading with the Mexican border as the favorable location of such activity.

This blend of factors makes an impeccable tempest that results in the alarming rise of addiction and illegal drug-related deaths in Southern California, particularly in San Diego.