For a recovering addict, a relapse can be a challenge to deal with. One advantage of sober living houses is that their facilities help patients avoid its occurrence. Aside from the strict rules imposed by the management, the residents should participate on a list of daily activities.

These activities may vary in every patient. It’s the patient’s responsibility to follow his/her daily routines. Keeping themselves busy is important in the recovery process.

Developing a Healthy Daily Routine

Compared to rehabilitation centers, patients are given more freedom in sober living houses. This freedom includes the privilege to of doing their daily routines by themselves keep themselves busy and help them have a fast recovery from addiction.

A healthy daily routine in a sober living facility prioritizes the on-going treatment of the patient. There’s also a time allocated for family therapy and building relationships with others.

The program should be based on the patient’s personal needs. This will provide balance and help sober living residents to avoid relapse from their addiction.

Most patients prefer to include this list in their daily routine:

  • Personal Therapy Sessions – This therapeutic activity will help you feel better about yourself and improve your recovery.
  • Family Therapy Sessions – Family counseling involves the understanding and collaboration with the patient’s family members to help solve his/her problems. The family is also one of the most important support systems for a recovering patient.
  • 12-Step Meetings – These consist of a community where the staff or peer group provides security and constant support towards an addict’s recovery.
  • Exercise/Workouts – A regular exercise can help you provide a natural way of dealing with stresses in life.
  • Job Interviews – This will help recovering addicts to develop coping skills and establish a positive attitude in the future, especially on challenges when looking for new jobs.
  • House Meetings – Through house meetings recovering addicts are reminded of their responsibilities within the sober living community.
  • Proper Sleeping Hours – Healthy sleeping hours may help recovering patients from suffering insomnia.
  • Eating Healthy Foods – Proper diet promotes the production of ‘good’ hormones in your body, and this can be a big factor for an addict’s recovery.

Benefits of Having a Daily Schedule of Activities

There are many benefits of having a healthy daily routine in sober living homes. Aside from developing discipline, daily scheduled routines maintain a sense of purpose in an addict’s everyday life. It can also help them avoid the temptation of using drugs or alcohol. Another benefit is that they can become better at handling stress. Through these daily activities, they’ll reduce anxieties from unexpected events that they might encounter in the future.

The willingness to achieve sobriety and doing the assigned responsibilities in a sober living community can be essential in obtaining a successful recovery from addiction.

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