The stress level in the early recovery stage is known to be the most crucial. Patients who have turned to drugs and alcohol to deal with uncomfortable feelings may go back to getting high or drinking as a way to deal with the problems.

Random drug testing is for these kinds of situations. It’s a decisive part of the recovery process.


Motivating goals keep a resident go through the recovery process. Increasing career opportunities, decreasing health problems, improving quality of life, avoiding incarceration or death are some of the things that a sober living resident may have in mind.

Some of the recovering addicts may fall back to the lure of drugs and alcohol when tough days strike them.

For residents who are aware of the impending drug tests, they’re also reminded of the consequences if they fail to pass the test. They might lose their spot in the sober living program and fall back into active addiction. Putting things into perspective help residents to know the importance of sticking to the treatment program.

Accountability in Recovery

The idea of taking a pill or indulging in the use of illicit substance ‘just once’ and get away with it can be tempting. Drug tests offer accountability to residents who are losing focus of their sobriety.

The avoidance of the consequences for the occasional drug use brings the resident closer towards recovery. Knowing that the drug tests are just around the corner, the ability to resist temptations is vital in experiencing sobriety.

The Importance of Abstinence in the Sober Living Environment

A resident in a sober living home might break the rules and get high on drugs or become drunk. If another resident finds out about it, it may trigger cravings for them. This instance shows how relapse can be contagious.

Drugs tests are done to monitor and help identify those residents who aren’t following the house rules. This effort gives the therapist, manager, and case manager the chance to help the faltering resident to get back on track before it overwhelms them.

Situations in every sober living environment may be different. Depending on the management of sober houses, drug tests can be done on residents either at random or on schedule.

It’s important to know that these efforts aren’t intended to be intrusive. This house rule is for the residents to see positive effects in the sober living home. In this process, positive environment is reinforced, helping the residents to experience sobriety.

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