The epidemic of drugs is common elsewhere in the US. According to UN, there are about a minimum of 190,000 drug-related deaths due to an overdose of opioids and other illicit drugs. Since 2014, there has been a dramatic rise in the numbers of drug problems in the US. In a day, there are about ten drug-related deaths, mostly are overdosage of opioids. Florida isn’t exempted from the list of drug-related deaths.

Last year, New York Times reported that there are an estimated 59,000 drug overdose deaths.

This number is the largest jump in US history and is predicted to worsen by 2017. The culprit of these drug abuses is heroin, opioid, and fentanyl. Although, this hasn’t reached out to some other state yet it’s an alarming number.

Now, the question is this, how did we end up like this? Before we get to the bottom, we start from the top. First, we need to understand what drug addiction is.

According to experts, addiction is a chronic disease that affects the reward structure of the brain. It’s caused by neurochemical reactions prompted by the introduction of specific substances and behaviors. Addiction impairs a person’s judgment, physiological independence, and emotional well-being.

Why do many people resort to drugs in the first place?

There are several reasons why people take drugs, and that is not about curiosity. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • To fit in
  • To escape or relax
  • To relieve boredom
  • To look like a grown up
  • To rebel
  • To experiment
  • To escape from depression

People take on drugs for either leisure or an escape from trauma. Apparently, several of the reason is poverty and domestic abuse. Certain individuals use and abuse drugs because it impairs our neurological parts. The more you take drugs, the higher the dosage count is in the latter days.

Why can’t they just quit using and abusing drugs?

Well, they could stop of course, but it won’t be an easy thing to do. Remember, drugs feed out the reward structure of our brain. It creates oxytocin and endorphins. These chemicals are responsible for happiness and bliss. Once they stop using and abusing drugs, their bodies which are accustomed from being in ‘high’ state, go rock bottom. It’s like asking your man to stop playing games on his console.

How do you address the issue on the increasing number of deaths due to drug abuse?

Prevention is better than cure. This saying might sound a little way more scratched, but it might be the only way. If you have a friend, a loved one, or even just an ordinary person at your school or work who uses drugs illicitly and abusively, report it immediately. Seek help from professionals and let them live a sober life.

Be that person’s support system when they need it the most. A sober life with a great community support is better than a hellish life under the state of drug addiction.

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