Current Drug Problems in Kansas

Across the United States, substance abuse has been rampant for decades. Some people can manage to get out of the situation. Others will succumb to its grip, ending up either sick or dead. There are at least 23 million Americans citizens that are currently dealing with drug addictions. Only a few of them ever get to avail the treatment process. There are many reasons why this happens. The lack of quality treatment facilities is the primary reason. Stigma can also be a reason why some people don’t want to seek treatment. Kansas is no different from the rest of the country that suffers from drug problems.

Drug Problem Statistics

According to the National Substance Abuse Index, Kansas is fighting against substance abuse and its deadly effects every day. It has but many problems with some substances than others. A study about Kansas’ youth in 2015 reveals that drug overdose and death rates have reached quadruple numbers over the past 12 years. Overdose incidents and death rates are found out to be more common in males aging from 12 to 25. The most recent data also indicated that Kansas’s faces 5.9 overdose deaths for every 100,000 youths. This rate is nothing more than the national average, but it’s still alarming since there are many reasons for substance abuse in Kansas to increase as the next decade approaches.

Abused Drugs


U.S. Department of Justice found out that Kansas has Methamphetamine as its current most significant drug threat. There are lots of locally produced methamphetamines. Kansas has much of its meth supply from Mexican criminal groups. These groups are based in California, and throughout the Southwestern U.S. Both local dealers and Mexican drug trafficking organizations supply methamphetamines in Kansas. The drugs are sold almost anywhere in many Kansas communities. Lots of street and outlaw motorcycle gangs are said to distribute meth often. There are also lots of drugs also available through retail sellers.


The second-biggest drug threat in Kansas is Cocaine like crack. This drug is available in the state and crack can be often found in the urban areas of its cities. Cocaine remains to be one of the most addictive drugs available. This drug is highly sought after in Kansas and across the country. Just like meth, local gangs and
Mexican criminal groups often dominate both cocaine production and distribution.
Lots of independent cocaine dealers are also typical in this state. Many of them rule the streets of Kansas are often selling retail quantities. Both cocaine and methamphetamine-associated with violent crimes. Murder and assault are the most common crimes related to drugs use and abuse.


Another drug that is also rampant in Kansas is Marijuana. The quality of Kansas marijuana has improved since its legalization in Colorado and Washington, D.C.Many residents in Kansas have been admitted to treatment facilities because of Marijuana abuse.


With the rise of drug abuse incidents in Kansas that lead to death, residents are called to be more vigilant. The government urges the people to be more empathetic with their friends and families dealing with drug abuse problems. Addicts seeking help towards recovery are in need of much care they deserve. As the journey to sobriety is always not easy, it pays to have reliable treatment facilities.

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