As the rest of the country faces terrible drug issues, the beautiful state of Maryland is no different at all. This place has one of the most alarming drug-related incident tallies across the nation. For the past years, the local and national government have made efforts to curb the drug problems and its effects, but the problem seems to see no weakening.

Drug Problem Statistics

With the recent study in 2016 by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, it was found out that the number of people who died in this state from drug and alcohol-related overdoses spiked 66% from the previous year. The alarming magnitude of the growing opioid epidemic has been exposed with this number. As the number of drug users increases every year, the drug-related deaths also go up the ceiling.

There was a documented triple number of deaths from 2010. The 2,089 deaths in 2016 represent an all-time high in this state. The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene also found out that the recent tally shows Maryland’s most significant recorded annual increase.

Overdose Death Rate

When it comes to overdose deaths, the city of Baltimore saw 694 overdose deaths last year. This tally is more than twice the 318 homicides that are recorded by police. As illegal opioids heroin and fentanyl are popular drug choices for addicts, the highest number of deaths in the state is attributed to these drugs. This cheap and powerful drug that are pouring in from overseas is sometimes mixed into heroin. These incidents often happen without the drug abuser’s knowledge.


In the state of Maryland, opioid addiction can be identified as a national scourge by Gov. Larry Hogan. He said that this drug has been “tearing families and communities apart at the seams, and a single state or administration cannot solve it.”

The state and city officials respond to this drug epidemic in various ways. They have offered guidance to doctors about the proper methods of prescribing addictive painkillers. These painkillers are often linked to addiction. They also have been ramping up a prescription drug monitoring program. In this way, doctors and pharmacists can see who has gotten pills before doctors can provide for more.

Many officials also have launched emergency hotlines that bridge the Maryland residents to available treatment centers and facilities. Lots of treatment spots are needed to address the overall need of the state. The government also made naloxone. This an overdose reversal drug. This drug is available without a prescription and now even without training.

Baltimore reports that naloxone has been used to save more 800 lives since 2015. As the city can run out of supplies, the town awaiting more budget allocation due from the federal 21st Century Cure Act. An educational campaign called ‘Don’t Die’ is also one of the ways of Maryland to reverse the effects of drug addiction.

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