According to a personal finance website called Wallethub, Michigan’s drug problem soared high compared to the previous years. In the released data on May 2018, the study says that Michigan is in the 4th highest rate of drug abuse. This finding shows that the state went up six points higher in the past year when it ranked 10. The alarming rise of drug-related problems has alarmed the government that more actions are planned to target this issue.

The study looked into the 50 states in the country and compared their drug-related data. The District of Columbia came across with 20 key metrics. It included overdose and arrest rates. Opioid prescriptions and meth-lab incidents per capita were also examined.

Michigan notably ranked in the top 15 in all three cumulative categories. The state ranked 10th in drug use and addiction. It ranked 11th in drug health issues and rehab. Michigan then ranked rehab on the 13th in law enforcement. These statistics show how this state suffers from the undying drug-related issues.

Drug use and addiction considered metrics like the percentage of teenagers who have recently tried marijuana or used illicit drugs before age 13. The overdose deaths and opioid pain reliever prescriptions per 100 people were also considered. During the drug monitoring, law enforcement also included the estimate of arrests per capita. They have also considered the number of prescription drug monitoring laws and the drug arrests on college campuses per 1,000 students.

The drug health issues and rehab category examines several factors related to drug treatment programs and access to them.

The study also found out that only Missouri, the District of Columbia, and New Hampshire are ranked higher than Michigan. It’s the second consecutive year the state of Washington D.C. has exceeded the list. According to Wallethub, Utah, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, and North Dakota are the states with the lowest rates of drug use.

The Deadly Costs of Drug Abuse in Michigan

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), there are 24.6 million Americans have been reported past-month drug use. This problem gets worse as deaths from overdose have risen in the past decade. Since 2001, there’s a 2.2 fold increase in the rate. Drug abuse is now considered as the leading cause of accidental death in the country. It has surpassed both incidents involving firearms and motor vehicle accidents.

Michigan Addiction Treatment Stats shares a similar drug abuse trend. It has been reported that in 2009, poisoning surpassed the statistics of motor vehicle accidents as the primary cause of unintentional deaths. About 90% of those incidents were drug-related. There were 973 overdose cases in 2010. A quarter of the overdose rate was attributed to opioid analgesics. The number shows an 8.3-fold increase from 2002.

Michigan continues to battle to lower the rate of these drug-related deaths and incidents. The state urges the public to be more helpful in keeping their drug-vulnerable families and friends safe. As the current drug problems in Michigan soars high for the past years, more sober living facilities have been opened to welcome patients and help them have a lasting sober life.

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