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Marijuana is such an intriguing issue ever since. It had raised many debates. Should it be legalized or not? What are the odds of legalizing it? Despite all the debates, some countries and cities have legalized the use of marijuana for medical and personal purposes.

The Orange County has been in the talks of people around the United States of America as they passed the medical marijuana law in 1996. This law is known as Proposition 215. The law permits patients with a legitimate doctor’s recommendation to own and cultivate marijuana for personal medical use.

The law was passed way back in 1996, and it became the first state to legalize the medical use of marijuana. Until now, it has been a hot topic across the nation. 13 other states of America have passed the same law.

Now, California has all eyes again as they passed the Proposition 64 or Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA). This law will permit adults aging from 21 years old and over to use marijuana legally. The full legalization of marijuana is due to set in January 2018.

Orange County Marijuana: Yay or Nay?

Legalizing marijuana in Orange County in 1996 has risen is hard to ignore as many people are talking about it. Even the free weekly magazine “OC Weekly Magazine” you can get on newsstands is filled with details about medical marijuana. The magazine features details about dispensaries, doctors who prescribe marijuana, and delivery services.

However, some are still standing on their ground that marijuana can harm someone and cause addiction rather than helping them. The medical marijuana talks have raised polarization, which is pretty typical for issues like this. Some agree on marijuana being legalized as it’ll open new doors to treating health problems like stress or insomnia. However, others would say that it’s the first step on drug legalization and may result to every child turning into an addict.

So, is it a yay or nay for Orange County? There’s no clear answer as people have different views about it. You can even witness legal pot dispensaries being raided by policemen. Confusing. The state law says that marijuana can be legally sold for medical purposes. Conversely, the federal law says that marijuana is still a Schedule 1 narcotic which makes it illegal to distribute it. The Proposition 64 will face a new challenge as it faces the federal level.

Additional Regulations for Proposition 64

For this law to be successful, it needs to have additional regulations. The marijuana consumers determine their growing, handling, and selling of marijuana through legislation and regulation. There should also be a testing requirement that’ll keep users safe. It also aims to help people to control their dosage accurately.

This new widespread phenomenon of legalizing marijuana has left a good number of confused minds. What are the odds if it’s legalized? If it actually treats certain conditions, then why shouldn’t it be legalized? We all know that alcohol is as addictive and destructive as marijuana, but it’s legalized. So, why keep it banned? Marijuana may be safe for those who aim to use it for medical purposes. But the idea of marijuana addiction is something you can’t just shrug about.

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