Current Drug Problems in North Dakota

North Dakota bears one of the smallest population in the country. This state is known for its laid-back lifestyle yet it still faces the same problem as the rest of the country. Drug abuse is also a trend in this state, and the rates are also alarming. The increase in drug-related incidents is enabled due to the easy access to drugs. Opioids, over-prescribing, “doctor-shopping,” and many others alternatives are where the addicts seek for their drug supply.

As the crises in Opioid has been rampant across the nation, new measures are made by many local, state, and federal officials. They aim to curb the illegal drug activity in the country effectively. The new rules also aim at providing a better standard of care to drug abusers who are seeking proper treatment. As the social stigma is attached to addiction, lots of addicts tend to hesitate in finding appropriate treatment and care.

Addiction can quickly go out of control, and opioid addiction remains to be one of the main concerns of the local government of Kansas. Opioid dependence entails lots of harsh life-threatening withdrawal symptoms among any other addictive substance. The state of North Dakota hasn’t faced as many drug overdose deaths like another state. As the years go by, many things start to change. According to CDC, this state pin a staggering 36.5% of drug overdose deaths from 2014 to 2015.

As the opioid sales in the United States quadrupled between 1999 and 2010, the opioid-related deaths also rose the same way. The admission rate for opioid abuse treatment programs also increased. The recent economic boom in North Dakota has been tagged as the cause of the upward spike in drug-related deaths. As the commercial scene in the state rose, the employees come in and out of the country. They fall into substance abuse in one way or another. This scheme has made North Dakota suffer from the widespread abuse of Opioid and methamphetamine problem.

The alarming rates of the current drug problems in North Dakota can be attributed to the various drug sources across the country. The local government of this state calls for its residents to be more vigilant. Drug-related incidents are here and there. Proper care and treatment services are much needed now than before. If you have a family that suffers from the effects of drug abuse, it’s never too late to help save a life. Find the nearest sober living facility and avail the advantages of recovery facilities across the state.

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