Recovery from addiction is a hard battle to face. This is the reason why sober living destinations are important to people who are on the verge of recovery. It’s one of the vital steps before transitioning from rehabilitation to a healthy normal life.

Sober living destinations offer recovering addicts the safe spot they need to adjust and finally be sober for the rest of their lives.

These destinations allow them to have the space and the autonomy of their lives. Minus the drugs or source of addiction, of course. So here are 8 of the most popular sober living destinations in the US.

San Francisco, California

The City by the Bay is a go-to place for people who are seeking a new beginning. San Francisco has an open-minded culture, which helps newcomers feel at home and ease. The city also has the ways and means to address these issues. San Francisco holds 588 sober living meetings weekly. 20% of them are LGBTQ focused, and 500 of them are Spanish speaking meetings.

Prescott, Arizona

This retro and laidback city in Arizona boasts dozens of sober-living facilities, halfway houses, and detox centers. These facilities are abundant in Prescott and have been sprouting for the past two decades. Aside from having sober living facilities, the government and its people have dedicated themselves to lifetime sobriety. Not only do these facilities encourage people who seek to have a sober life, but they also help the economy in Prescott too. These facilities enable the 42,513 people of Prescott to have jobs that can help the families of the city. It’s a win-win for both parties.

Portland, Oregon

This eccentric city in Oregon hosts AA meetings for all types of people. Some of them are also capable of handling a tougher-seeming crowd. Despite having the reputation of the hipster magnet, the hippie vibe doesn’t produce apathy here. The community always gives out a youthful recovery vibe. This supports a broader community, with energetic participation and a robust and inspiring commitment to service.

New York City

The Big Apple, most commonly known as The City that Never Sleeps, boasts a massive and expansive sober network. With an infinite number of activities that keeps boredom and cravings at bay. New York caters to 4,000 weekly meetings. These meetings cater to all kinds – agnostics, LGBT, night owls and the whole nine yards. Not only does it cater to AAs but the whole lot of them. All of these things are the perfect ingredients to help you get back on your feet and be able to walk again.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

The city is well-known as The Land of 1,000 Treatment Centers, and they don’t joke around the topic. They even have the pioneering treatment center, Hazelden, in their midst. Minneapolis also has 11 public sober high schools. The state of Minnesota is no stranger to the recovery culture. The city’s awareness about addiction issues is higher than average.

Delray Beach, Florida

Despite having a restrictive and close-minded history, this community has gone through a massive change of heart when it comes to recovery. Now, the Sunshine State of Florida is perhaps the country’s most extensive and active recovery community. Their community has 300 different 12-step meetings catering to 5,000 people weekly. Delray Beach also has a tourism-based economy but has few locals, providing jobs for recovering people and allowing them to start their lives better.

Boston, Massachusetts

Aside from being the home to Harvard and MIT, Boston is also known as the city teeming with booze all over the place. Beantown, as it’s fondly called, despite having the reputation of a booze-filled town, takes its sobriety to a deeper level. Their 2,000 weekly meetings in the greater Beantown area cater to all kinds of people.

What’s even more beautiful is that a recovering addict can expand their sobriety network. They can experience a wide array of recovery options by speaking to other groups of people.

Malibu, California

Malibu isn’t only known for its celebrity homes and beaches but also with its sober living programs. The 27 Miles of Scenic Beauty has a premium and state-of-the-art sober living facilities. Sober living in Malibu is famous among residents of Los Angeles and the elite.

The serene and peaceful setting of the city is ideal for sober living. You have to pay a premium for you to experience living sober in Malibu though. The premium can get expensive too, depending on the program you chose. The payment will cover expenses for the following:

  • First-rate accommodations
  • Other amenities
  • Plenty of additional holistic practices
  • First-class physicians, therapists and whole health practitioners in the addiction and recovery field

Sober living in Malibu may only cater to the ones who can afford them, but its facilities are world class and can help recovering addicts get back on track. If money is not an issue for you, then Malibu is the perfect place for you.

So those are 8 of the most popular sober living destinations in the US. If you’re a recovering addict and want a fresh start at life, then you can choose which of these cities suits you best. Help is readily available and always given to those who seek it. This need is the reason why sober living destinations exist in the first place. Choose one and go straight towards recovery.

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