Reporters began to cover various incidents of drug deals, deaths, and prescription drug abuse in 2016 throughout the state of South Carolina. As the problems became prevalent, many cases of drug addiction are known to be those children looking to fit in or rebel.

There aren’t many recent data sets on methamphetamine, opioid, and alcohol abuse from South Carolina. Residents are the ones who can tell that the problem has always been there. As drugs come up from Miami and across the country from Mexico, many people die in state road accidents like how they do from opioid overdoses. CDC says that the number of opioid deaths in the state has increased 9 percent from 2014 to 2015. Media reports say that from mid-2016, the statistics have changed and it has been drastically higher today.

Methamphetamine was the drug of the day in the past few years. Time has changed, and heroin is now the new trend. Stated officials have cracked down on the ingredients for meth like pseudoephedrine. DEA agents in South Carolina agrees that at least one drug dealer goes down per day in most fast food places in the state.

As the state is behind the pace of the USA regarding alcohol and drug dependence, the majority of those people who face drug problems don’t receive the treatment that they deserve to get back to sober living.

South Carolina and its substance abuse rehabilitation facilities

South Carolina is populated with almost 5 million people. Only a few treatment centers stand ready in major cities. As the sudden increase in opioid-addicted adults and teenagers flock to the centers, many of them can’t find the support and care that they need at an in-state rehab facility. The treatment infrastructures by the state may not offer the right level of care required to keep the patients from dying.

The Treatment Center in Lake Worth, Florida is a helping hand to South Carolina residents. Those who struggle with addiction to prescription drugs, heroin, alcohol, methamphetamine and other substances can receive treatments.

In this critical time in the opioid-related deaths, proper care facilities play significant roles to have a long-term recovery. If you have a loved one suffering from the effects of drug addiction, make sure to choose a sober living facility that’s close or convenient to you. Choose a facility that has a plausible track record and comprehensive programs that are actively designed to achieve lasting sobriety.

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