The substance abuse crisis arches over the whole country for the past several decades. Wyoming is one of the many states that suffer from the effects of this epidemic. There has been an increase in alcohol, prescription drugs, and illicit drug abuse for the past years. What’s alarming about all of these is that the people who need more attention can’t avail the rehabilitative solutions. Hospitals, treatment facilities, and communities offer band-aid solutions to this problem.

As Wyoming is one the least populated states in the USA, it still hits rock bottom when it comes to substance abuse epidemic. The binge drinking rate in this state soars high among all the states. Its rate is, in fact, higher than the national average rate.

Drugs and Alcohol Abuse in Wyoming

The illicit drug use in this sparsely populated state is now on par with national averages. In 2010, the rate of illicit drug abuse in this place remained flat. This is good news, but it’s notable that heroin use and abuse often springs from the abuse of strong prescription painkillers. Like the other states with the same problem, lots of post-surgical and chronic pain patients turn into addicts after medications. Drugs like hydrocodone and oxycodone are the most common addictive drugs they abuse.

As they run out of prescriptions, they turn to illicit drugs to fill the void of their addiction process. They also turn to these drugs to manage the symptoms brought by their addiction. Since heroin is readily available in the state, addicts can quickly fill their desires for drugs with it. This drug is one of their best bet since it’s also relatively inexpensive compared to other alternatives. With this drug, they can finally have the chance to curb or possibly stop the effects of withdrawals.

With the surge of prescription drug abuse in Wyoming, the officials of this state assembled the Rx Abuse Stakeholders (RAS) group. This group is composed of many officials and experts from multidisciplinary fields. They aim to adequately track and control the high rate of drug abuse in this place.

This group identified that one of the main reasons for the influx of illicit drugs into the state is the prescription drugs. They have noticed that doctor shopping help the problem develop. Pharmacies are also pointed out as one of the front liners in curbing the number of prescription medications given to patients.

In the state’s third most populous city, Laramie, heroin has been infamous for reasons. Since this place is sparsely populated compared to the other cities, it was relatively easy to trace the progression of the drug epidemic there. After a series of studies, it was found out that Heroin became a go-to drug only after local addicts had exhausted their use of methamphetamine. The drug use incidents in Laramie has been a template for the state. As more and more residents become addicted to illicit substances, the state wishes to develop further their ways on how to track and limit the access to prescription drugs.

Since Wyoming’s population is small, the local government have the chance to focus more on the entirety of its people. As the problem is widespread and far-flung, the journey to eliminating drug problem in the state is still a mystery. Many addicts don’t live near treatment facilities.

The three largest cities in Wyoming (Cheyenne, Casper, and Laramie) all offer rehabilitation services. Delivering quality, comprehensive recovery care to addicts is a challenge in rural areas. Just like other states in the country, the number of beds available in treatment centers in this state doesn’t suffice the demands of the current times. Getting them the help that they need is relatively tricky.

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